Who Is AuraPlayer? 

AuraPlayer’s solution is a unique, patented technology that automatically generates mobile applications and automations from existing back-office desktop applications, allowing customers to begin their digital transformations while leveraging existing investments.

Our Mission

AuraPlayer’s mission is to build and deploy enterprise-grade, Oracle based business applications by
using next-generation technologies that will help you take your business to the next level.

How It All Began

AuraPlayer was founded in January 2013 by Mia Urman, CEO an Oracle veteran with over 12 years of Oracle Forms experience
and Java Guru Yossi Nakash, CTO
. AuraPlayer’s founders started from scratch and built a modernization solution for
Oracle Applications that would activate and communicate with Oracle Forms in an automated way, without redevelopment or
migration changes. Today, AuraPlayer sells its products and services to businesses and government offices all over the world. 

Patented from 2010; Founded in 2013; 

Leading experts in Oracle Forms for over 30 years

Recipient of  several innovation awards

Customers on 5 continents supporting 8 languages

Awards & Recognitions

Major organizations have recognized AuraPlayer for their success as a major digital transformation company.

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