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We provide solutions that modernize, extend, and mobilize Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS systems. Our technology “wraps” existing Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS systems as web services within hours, without writing a single line of code, while production systems remain untouched. The result is an open, accessible Oracle Forms business process – an agile legacy Oracle Forms system.

AuraPlayer was founded when Mia Urman, an Oracle veteran with over 18 years of Oracle Forms experience, teamed up with R&D manager and java guru Yossi Nakash to develop the unique solution. Initially established in EMEA, AuraPlayer has now expanded to North America.

AuraPlayer’s unique solutions are executed using our patented technology:

  • AuraPlayer and our wizard-based toolbar not only mobilize Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS systems, but also allow for a modernized user experience and seamless SOA / REST / Cloud integration.
  • AuraTester provides an accurate, efficient method of automating QA for testing, saving companies valuable investments in time and resources.

To find out more, visit our resources page, or follow our  blog.

Oracle EBs and Forms Modernization and Automation
Oracle EBs and Forms Modernization and Automation

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