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Oracle Automated Testing Platform

Auraplayer Provide your company with the solution for testing and automating Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS test plans, application sanity and dependencies.

Increase Performance

Why AuraPlayer For Automated Testing?

Don't Be The Last To Know - Auratester Oracle Heath Checks To Ensure System Stability

Testing Simplicity

Simple enough for any end-user to create test scripts.

Easy Integration

Plug into any existing testing framework
(eg. Taza, Junit, WebLOAD, Jenkins, JMeter).


Automate Oracle QA cycles and define validations to trigger alerts such as expected response times, specific data values, and parameterization files.

Safe Guard Production

Ensure timely identification of system bottlenecks and application bugs before they occur in your production environments.

AuraTester is a user-friendly testing tool that automates Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS functional tests, builds comprehensive testing groups and validates projected results.

Getting Started With AuraTester

AuraTester provides flexible, real-time automated testing solutions to enable customers to optimize, manage and secure their data in production environments.


Select a test case from your Oracle Forms or Oracle EBS system to automate.


Record your Oracle Forms/EBS automated scripts. including capturing data and expected results.


Run the automations to perform sanity, function and regression tests and validate expected results.


Run Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS scenarios from any third party testing or CI framework.

Take control of your Oracle EBS and Oracle Forms environment with AuraTester 

Oracle Automated Testing Solution

The complex nature of Oracle Apps and Oracle Forms based systems, requires in-depth testing prior to rollout. AuraTester provides the following unique benefits:

Gain Productivity

Gain Productivity

Identify system bottlenecks or application bugs before they occur in your production environment.

Ensure Stability

Ensure Stability

Stabilize production environments by performing sanity, functional, load or regression testing prior to rollout.

Increase Performance

Increase Performance

Perform capacity planning and sizing for deployments of Oracle Forms and Oracle Apps based systems.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

AuraTester is a wizard-based solution that enables recording scripts by simply running Oracle Forms or Oracle forms business scenarios.

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Safeguard Your Production Environments

Safeguard Your Production Environments

Learn how you can get instant alerts on performance degradation, system lag times and critical system failures the moment they occur in real time.

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Video - AuraTester Walk-Through

AuraTester provides a frictionless solution with rigorous testing and automation for QA routines.

Best Practices For Successful Testing And Automation Programs

Best Practices For Successful Testing And Automation Programs

90% of Oracle Forms applications fall outside the testing cycle. Learn best practices to safeguard production environments and avoid the risk.

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