Automated Testing For Oracle EBS and Oracle Forms

AuraTester is a user-friendly testing tool that automates Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS functional tests, builds comprehensive testing groups and validates projected results.

With AuraTester, You Have Two Options:
Use Your Own Testing Environment our Ours

Full Testing Environment

Get a full testing environment including a user friendly testing tool to create automated Oracle Forms/EBS functional tests, then a test management environment to build testing groups and validate projected results.

Create Scripts

Simply create scripts to an automated testing script generator that can run scripts to plug into any existing testing framework without the need to do any Oracle Forms/EBS development or changes to the environment. 

What AuraPlayer’s AuraTester Tool Means For You

Stabilize production environments by performing sanity, functional, load or regression testing prior to rollout.  

Identify system bottlenecks and application bugs before they occur in your production environment.

Perform capacity planning and sizing for deployments of Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS Apps based systems.

4 Steps To Automating Your Oracle Testing Environments


Select a test case from your Oracle Forms or Oracle EBS system to automate.


Automatically capture Oracle EBS Forms processes as APIs, REST, SOAP, JSON etc.


Create, edit and run Test Cases and Test Groups based on a parameterized file of data values.
API Generation


Automate from AuraTester or any existing testing framework (Jekins, JMeter, JUnit, WebLOAD).

AuraPlayer's AuraTester Tool in Action

In this video, watch how simple it can be to create, define and build a test plan for an Oracle EBS Form. 

AuraPlayer’s AuraTester QA Automation Tool Benefits

Stabilize Production Environments

Perform sanity, functional, load or regression testing prior to rollout.

Ensure Accuracy

Identify system bottlenecks or application bugs before they occur in your production environment.


Integrate your Oracle Forms/EBS testing cycle into ANY testing framework.

Save Time

Dramatically decrease the time it takes to manually test prior to an upgrade.

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