Build EBS Mobile Apps With A Rapid Development Tool

Mobile applications with all your customizations from any Oracle EBS workflow.

AuraPlayer’s Oracle EBS Mobile Apps

Build a mobile layer on top of any existing EBS workflow quickly and easily within days. With AuraPlayer you get the best of both worlds: the robust complexity of your back-office, with a next-generation user experience, without the need for redevelopment or migration.

What AuraPlayer’s Oracle EBS Mobile Apps Means For You

In contrast to other enterprise mobile app tools, AuraPlayer
can help you fully mobilize any EBS workflow. 

AuraPlayer runs on your existing investments, no need to purchase any additional hardware or software to mobilize Oracle EBS.

No need to create manual EBS APIs, you can easily create services
by recording and capturing any workflow during our recording toolbar. 

4 Steps to Mobilizing Your Oracle EBS System


Select a business process from your existing Oracle EBS system to serve as the basis to deploy to mobile or web enabled UIs.


Automatically capture Oracle EBS Forms processes as APIs, REST, SOAP, JSON etc. as a basis for mobilization.


Create a new mobile or web based front-end for an enhanced user experience using AuraPlayer's automated wizard.
API Generation


Create custom apps by plugging your generated services into any third party mobile development tool.

AuraPlayer's EBS Mobile Apps in Action

Watch this video and discover how AuraPlayer’s EBS mobile tool works. See how we can create a new order that has 1-to-1 sync with your Oracle EBS Sales Order. 

EBS to Mobile Application Benefits

Always Synchronized

Your mobile application and EBS application are running on the same back-end and therefore are always synchronized online.

No Code Mobile Application Platform

Easily build your own mobile application with a simple no-code, intuitive wizard.

Start Small & Grow As You Go

No need to convert the entire application, simply extend specific business flows to mobile as needed.

Fully Supports EBS Components

All business logic, validations and triggers on the application layer will also be fired from the new mobile app.

Extends Existing Investment

There is no need to update your EBS or Database, or install patches.  Just add a mobile layer on top of your existing EBS workflow.

Front-end Flexibility

Use AuraPlayer’s Visualizer for your front-end or plug into additional mobile development tools such as Ionic, React, or APEX.

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