ECO Conference 2020


Join us for the ECO Users Conference 2020, happening from 2-4 November, 2020. A 3-day event, jam packed with sessions from leading industry experts discussing the hottest topics in the Oracle space today. 


Be sure to add the following session to your schedule, so you don’t miss out:

In Deep With Oracle Digital Assistant: Beyond The Hype: November 3rd, Tuesday: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM EST


As the hottest technologies today, AI, NLP, and digital assistants enable enterprises to engage users in a natural language, conversational way. But it still leaves us asking how we can move beyond the hype and get to the next level in our existing applications by creating our own digital assistants. In this session, I will share our five-step secret recipe to put you on your way to digital assistant success with best practices and tips that we learned the hard way. We offer you an exclusive look into how you can develop your own digital assistant from start to finish and what are the pieces you need to make it not only work but succeed.

SPEAKER: Mia Urman, CEO, AuraPlayer


Interested in finding out more about the world of digital assistants before Mia’s session? Here’s a good place to start: Digital Assistant Solution page

The ECO Users Conference is focused on informing and educating members on current and future Oracle applications. Similarly, AuraPlayer is always looking for ways to keep our community up to date with the latest trends. Check out our blogpost discussing the latest buzzword- RPA, or watch the live demo below:




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