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Be sure to add the following sessions to your schedules to not miss out. See you all there!


1. ChatBots: Gimic or Next Generation User Experience?

SPEAKER: Mia Urman, CEO, AuraPlayer

Monday, Jan 28 – 14:00-14:45

The digital age is here: Enterprises can get on board or go down with the ship and take their place alongside Blockbuster, Sports Authority and Borders. Corporations need to find agility and fast. In this session, we will take you on a customer journey through a digital transformation. You will hear about the newest kid on the block Oracle’s Digital Assistant Service and how it can help transform your app from another icon cluttering your phone to a transformative part of your business. These digital agents will be able to support not only today’s business needs but what’s coming next to server mobile strategies into the future. We will also show a live demo and customer case study.


2. Emerging Technology 101: PWA, AI, NLP, PAAS – Oh My! Buzzwords Explained!

SPEAKER: Mia Urman, CEO, AuraPlayer

Tuesday, Jan 29 – 14:00-14:45

Did you ever feel the world of mobile/cloud is beyond your reach? In this session we will review the many four (and more) letter words to help you navigate the world of emerging technology so you won’t feel so left out of the conversations at the water cooler. We hope after the session you will even be able to incorporate these buzzwords into the future vision for your enterprise applications. This session will help developers understand the world of emerging technology buzzwords, learn an overview of the next generation technologies and how they can bring value to their businesses and it will provide a general sense of the current development landscape – development trends and help them devise next generation mobile / cloud strategies.


3. Give your Oracle EBS screens a Cloud makeover using Visual Builder Cloud Service

SPEAKER: Mia Urman, CEO, AuraPlayer

Tuesday, Jan 29 – 15:00-15:45

In this session, you will learn how you can leverage the power of Oracle’s Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) to reface your applications and bring them into the next generation. VBCS is Oracle’s cloud-based development tool that enables you and your business users to create rich web and mobile apps in a quick visual way from any browser with no-coding required. Forms customers have been on the hunt for a new client-side UI solution for their apps, but they need not look any further! Session includes live demo.

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