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Here at AuraPlayer, we are feverishly planning for our participation with features in several sessions, events and of course our booth #708.  Start the week off right by seeing amazing innovations and customer stories of 2 decade old Forms systems extended to mobile apps and chatbots on facebook messenger in a matter of weeks in our innovative sessions!

We would also love to meet customer onsite and are available for free consultations upgrades, modernization, mobilization, look and feel projects, forms migration, lift and shift to the cloud or any other Forms concerns. We would be happy to schedule time with you so just fill out the form in the right.

Be sure to add the following sessions to your schedules not to miss out. See you all there!

1. What are Microservices and How Could They Improve Our Legacy?

Tuesday, Jun 12, 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM – Session y

Room: Oceanic 5, Lobby/Third Level

This session will be an in depth customer story of a back-office modernization to mobile using a microservice architecture. The end result was both a mobile apps and a chatbot (live demo). Today, agility is imperative to market competitiveness, unfortunately most enterprises, have not succeeded in implementing a microservices architecture because their business logic is “trapped” in their back-office Oracle Forms systems. Separating the way the screen looks from the function it performs is such a daunting task, that if it can even be achieved, it can take years and millions of dollars. But it is this “decoupling” of the business logic that will allow organizations to “future proof” these applications and achieve the agility they need. In this session we will present the story of how the largest transit story not only modernized their legacy applications but launched them into the next generation using chatbots and mobile applications.

SPEAKER: Mia Urman, CEO, AuraPlayer

2. It’s All about Bot’s: How Chatbots Can Revive Your Legacy Applications

Wednesday, Jun 13, 03:30 PM – 04:30 PM – Session 13

Room: Northern Hemisphere E2, Fifth Level

The digital world is moving faster than we can imagine it. Millennials today don’t talk they chat, they don’t have addresses they have locations, they don’t have email they message. It’s a new world out there and enterprises either keep innovating or find their fate alongside Blockbuster, Borders and Sports Authority. In this session, you will hear about the newest kid on the block Oracle’s Intelligent Bot Service and how it can help transform your backoffice applications (EBS, JDE, Primavera, Forms) to a trans-formative part of your business. These digital agents will be able to support not only today’s business needs but what’s coming next to serve digital strategies into the future. We will also show a live demo and customer case study of creating an EBS sales order by voice chat!

SPEAKER: Mia Urman, CEO, AuraPlayer

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