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1. It’s All About the Bot’s: How Chatbots Will Revive Your Legacy Applications

Imagine it. Millennials today don’t talk they chat; they don’t have addresses they have locations; they don’t have email they message. It’s a new world out there and enterprises either keep innovating or find their fate alongside Blockbuster, Borders, and Sports Authority. In this session, you will hear about the newest kid on the block – Oracle’s Intelligent Bot Service – and how it can help transform your app from another icon cluttering your phone to a transformative part of your business. These digital agents will be able to support not only today’s business needs but what’s coming next to server mobile strategies into the future. We will also show a live demo and customer case study. In this session we will learn how to develop our very first BOT and what are the pieces we need to make our conversational applications work. Learn how intents, flows, entities and conversational applications come together to bring desktop applications into the next generation.

Wednesday, March 22, 9:45am – 10:45am

SPEAKER: Mia Urman, CEO, Auraplayer


2. How we used microservices to modernize our Legacy Oracle Forms/EBS systems

Today agility is imperative to market competitiveness. Unfortunately most enterprises, have not succeeded in implementing a microservices architecture because their business logic is “trapped” in their back-office Oracle Forms/EBS legacy systems. Separating out the way the screen looks from the function it performs is such a daunting task that if it can even be achieved, it can take years and millions of dollars. But it is this “decoupling” of the business logic from the user interface that will allow organizations to “future proof” these applications and achieve the agility they need. In this session we will learn how to use microservices architectures to move forward while leveraging our Oracle Forms investments. The session will review several live demos and customer case studies. We will review the Oracle Cloud development platforms and rapid mobile development tools.

Thursday, March 22 ,11:15am – 12:15pm

SPEAKER: Mia Urman, CEO, Auraplayer



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