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Newspaper Increases Field Sales Subscription 20%



Founded in 1918, Haaretz is the longest running newspaper currently still in print in Israel, and is published in both Hebrew and English. In addition to print and web, iOS and Android mobile apps deliver subscription content. An English edition is distributed as part of the New York Times International.

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Lost sales

Inefficient field sales process

Error-prone manual data entry


20% increase in field sales

Streamlined subscription process

Reduced development and maintenance

Business Needs

Haaretz field representatives sell a sizable number of subscriptions on location in local mall, sport and cultural events. Sales reps would use hand-written forms to enter new customer data, which were later entered manually into the back-end Oracle Forms system.
Yet, notes were often incomplete, illegible, or would be lost, preventing the establishment of the new subscriber in the system. The manual, error-prone processes translated into lost sales and Haaretz was looking for ways to streamline and modernize its legacy Oracle Forms subscription system without a large investment


Using AuraPlayer, the Oracle Forms business process was extended to mobile tablets with minimal investment. Requiring no code redevelopment, the relevant Oracle business processes for setting up new subscribers were recorded by the AuraPlaer toolbar, which 'wrapped' processes as microservices. The original logic of the Oracle Forms system was kept, enabling the transformation within days
Next, a mobile app was generated based on the recorded microservices. “AuraPlayer’s technology allows us to use the exact same Oracle module for different sales channels, such as telemarketing and field sales, which results in a single, uniform business process that saves us development and maintenance costs,” says Avi Zusman, the Development Manager


The mobilization of the registration process has practically eliminated data entry errors. The speed and efficiency of the fully-digital sign up has improved closure rates, resulting in 20% increase in field sales subscriptions. “According to field sales reps themselves, the registration of new subscribers is more efficient than ever,” says Ori Ben Dor, Field Sales Manager at Haaretz. “Customers’ trust has increased, as they see the rapid process is done 100% online via with the tablet app showing the newspaper’s logo. Immediately after signing and completing the registration, customers receive the contract details directly to their mail and smart phone.” With the mobilization framework from AuraPlayer in place, Haaretz is now exploring further opportunities using ChatBots to further increase customer engagement and allow freezing delivery during vacations, and adding additional products.

AuraPlayer brings a new level of agility and mobility to back-office systems including Oracle Forms, EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE with low-risk, a flexible and automated solution without redevelopment.

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