Haaretz Newspaper Increases Sales With AuraPlayer’s Robotic Process Automation Tool

Read how Haaretz streamlined their machine processes to improve their field sales subscriptions by 20%.

Industry: Publishing

AuraPlayer Product: AuraRPA

Oracle System: Oracle EBS

About Haaretz

Founded in 1918, Haaretz is the longest running newspaper currently in print in Israel,
and is published in both Hebrew and English. In addition to print, Haaretz publishes its
news content on the web and on mobile applications. The English edition is
distributed together with the International New York Times.

Business Need

Haaretz runs a busy call center to handle customer service-related questions. Asking customers questions to identify their accounts and then typing that information into their system manually to address requests and issues was time-consuming. Freezing subscriptions, address changes, delivery status updates, and subscribing new customers were making wait times long and causing customer dissatisfaction. Haaretz needed a way to automate their call center processes to increase efficiency, eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, and improve their customers’ experiences in order to streamline workloads and reduce
labor costs.

“With AuraPlayer we were able to eliminate manual data entry, improve the purchase experience for new subscribers, and increase sales”

Yaniv Nadel,
CIO, Haaretz Newspaper

Some Of The Challenges Haaretz Newspaper Was Experiencing:

Manual Data Entry

Since call agents were manually
entering information into their
database, they were more likely
to make common mistakes
when inputting data. 

Lost Sales

Lengthy wait time caused many new subscribers to drop off prior to registration completion. The inefficient phone sales process was time-consuming causing customers to be less inclined to purchase new subscriptions.

Slow Customer Support Service

Haaretz relied on a legacy
system that was slow and difficult
to navigate. Thus, call representatives struggled to meet customers’ high expectations for personal service
to help address their issues quickly.

Oracle RPA - Robotic Process Automation

The Solution

Using AuraPlayer’s RPA product, Haaretz dramatically improved their customer service delivery and ROI by automating their mission-critical call center business process.  With AuraRPA, customer details are now automatically loaded from the Oracle Forms back-office application and presented on the call representative’s screen, allowing agents to deal with customer requests immediately rather than wasting time asking previously recorded details. The new automated process  increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately led to more sales and more opportunities to gain new subscribers.

Client Benefits  

Human Errors

Enhance Customer

Time & Cost


Key Advantages

Fast Time-To-Market

Using the AuraPlayer recording toolbar, automations are created at the speed it takes
a business user to go step through the
Oracle workflow.

Automation Stability

AuraRPA runs an EBS session on the server-side only, rather than opening a Java client. Therefore, you can run unlimited automations without worrying about locked rows that lead to automation failures.

Full Oracle Compatibility

Fully supports Oracle customizations and personalizations, and therefore, you can automate any custom Oracle EBS or Oracle
Forms workflow.

Immune To UI Changes and Upgrades

AuraPlayer relies on EBS logic and code rather than screen scraping, which means your automation will remain stable even if you
change the user-interface or install one of
the many EBS patches.

Results: Haaretz’s Success

20%  Increase 

In Field Sales

By eliminating the manual
parts of the call process and
deploying bots to do these tasks, employees can focus their
attention on key processes that generate more sales. 

Subscription Process

AuraPlayer’s RPA solution made it quick and easy for Haaretz customers to receive a fast, reliable service which resulted in greater customer satisfaction, leading to increased cost savings from the call center process.


Reduced Development

& Maintenance

The new solution accurately
and automatically creates and
validates more than 300 new
items every month, thus saving Worthington more than 15
minutes of data entry per item
and over 75 hours of data
entry per month.


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