Major International Hospital Finds Success With AuraPlayer's Visualizer Tool

Read how a hospital was able to achieve
their goals by modernizing and mobilizing
their Legacy Oracle Forms System.


Tools Used:  
AuraPlayer Visualizer & API Generation

Processes Automated:
Oracle Database, Oracle Forms

About The Major Hospital

This major international hospital is a healthcare facility headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan, offering quality services to local and international patient communities for over 25 years. The hospital has around 200 U.S, E.U, internationally & nationally trained and qualified Physicians and Surgeons working under one roof. In addition, as a socially responsible organization, this major hospital treats 500 + deserving patients every day.

Business Need

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected hospitals, its care providers, and patient experiences in profound ways. This specific major hospital was looking for a solution to transform their current back-office system in record time to keep up with the growing challenges that Covid presented.  They needed a Legacy to mobile solution for faster patient intake. 

"I chose AuraPlayer because it is the only product that could build a new mobile layer that connected to my Patient application. It is handy, and in a short time a new mobile application was built without the need to reprogram my whole application."

Manager of IT Operations

IT Challenge

The major hospital wanted to consolidate all of their Form servers into one cloud-based environment for easier management as well as scalability and stability. If they could do so, it would help them mobilize their system and prioritize hospital space for those who really needed it while still being able to make at-home-visits for other patients, without putting them at risk and exposing them to high Covid-19 infection rates.

The Business Solution:

To solve their business challenges, this major international hospital partnered with AuraPlayer and found success with AuraPlayer’s Visualizer tool. The Visualizer tool helped them achieve rapid mobility, thereby improving their business processes, making their clinical workflows easier and enhancing their communication practices.

The IT Solution:

To fix their technical challenges, they replaced their complex and outdated system with a single cloud-based environment along with AuraPlayer’s modern UI that was easy for all staff members to use. By working with AuraPlayer, the system became available on multiple devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop), making routine work  hospital staff could dedicate more time to their patients. 

Client Benefits

System available on
multiple devices


No need for

Updated & synced automatically

Key Advantages

Easy To Use

Technical skills are not required because it is user-friendly and helps speed up tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming.

Short Time to Value

Benefits are seen almost immediately. The entire process is completed within a matter of hours rather than days or months. 

Eliminates Human Errors

By simplifying the application, tasks take less time for healthcare professionals to complete. 

Massive Cost-Savings

Using AuraPlayer’s Visualizer tool, hospitals can go paperless, which provides many cost benefits.


Faster Patient

Using AuraPlayer’s Visualizer tool, care providers could complete patient rounds
more quickly; With rapid mobility, they
could now record information using a
more efficient method, which in turn improved data input and accuracy.

Greater Patient

By adopting innovations that enhance
the patients’ experience, medical
personnel could devote more attention
to patient needs, thereby increasing
patient satisfaction. 

More Hospital Bed Space
For Covid-19 Patients

With a surge of Corona cases, hospitals
need as many patient rooms available as possible. By mobilizing their legacy Oracle Forms, hospitals are able to ease the
strain of maximizing hospital capacity
for those who really need it. 

Convenient and Undivided
Patient Attention

At-home visits makes are easier for patients because they do not have to leave their 

homes to receive care or deal with extended 

wait times to be seen. Care providers can also give patients the time and attention they 

need, restoring patients’ trust in 

healthcare professionals.


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