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Oracle EBS Packaged Mobile Solutions

What is LiveExpense?

AuraPlayer’s solution enables organizations to successfully harness their existing system’s strength while safeguarding the stability of the production environments. 

LiveExpense is a robust travel and expense solution based on Oracle's iExpense application. AuraPlayer's solution streamlines, automates and extends the Oracle iExpense desktop application to mobile devices. Allowing employees in the field to manage travel expenditures such as food, lodging, mileage, and per-diem expenses.

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AuraPlayer's Enterprise iExpense Features ​

Leverage Existing Investments

LiveExpense is a mobile layer that works with the underlying iExpense application as is. No installations or migrations needed


All the validations, fields, flexfields, triggers, and use cases are performed on the mobile exactly as they are done in the actual environment.

Oracle EBS Packaged Mobile Solutions

Fully Customizable

After implementing our template you can create a custom, branded version of iExpense including custom additional fields, specific use cases and business logic.

Mobile Office

Improve employee productivity and your bottom line by streamlining expense reporting and data entry on the go.

In conclusion, AuraPlayer solution is dynamic, offering both predefined templates and customizable templates that can be adjusted to your specific needs. AuraPlayer creates APIs from any flow which is unparalleled in the market today as other vendors depend on Oracle SOA services which is a partial solution. 

Choosing AuraPlayer is a strategic solution for all your mobilization requirements. You can start today with iExpense and can easily add iProcurement, Absences, etc. You can also mobilize any homegrown Forms application.

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