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Jubilee Life Accelerates Sales



Jubilee Life is a progressive life insurance company headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. It is one of the largest insurance companies in the region, providing coverage to more than 5 million people. The company relies on a custom Oracle Forms enterprise application to serve employees scattered in more than 5 countries in rural areas.

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Business Needs

Elongated sales processes due to field sales reps lacking access to Oracle Forms application onsite

Channel partners located in distant regions lacking access to the system

Costly investment of modernizing legacy Oracle Forms system


Sales transactions completed in minutes instead of days

Increased revenue by introducing new sales channels with bank branches and Partner sales channels

New mobile application introduced quickly without business disruption

Sales closure went from days to minutes


Prior to mobilization, it was extraordinarily difficult for the sales team to reach the majority of their customer base quickly and efficiently, as 60% of the company’s target market is comprised primarily of rural population residing in remote areas. Generating a policy for a customer was a multi-day process in which a sales representative first gathered customer information on paper forms at the customer site then, after lengthy travel to a branch office, a clerk would enter the collected data into the back-office system. In addition, channel partners and banks located in distant regions had limited connectivity to the custom Oracle Forms platform. Business operations, and the ability to expand, were hindered due to the desktop-centric application.
To overcome these issues and expand their business, Jubilee was challenged to find a solution which leveraged the company’s existing insurance system and make it accessible anywhere that had wireless connectivity. This challenge was compounded as they hoped to achieve this goal without the cost and risk of a full redevelopment project.


Jubilee solved their challenge by mobilizing sales processes with a user-friendly tablet-based application built in less than 2 months. Using a patented Oracle Forms modernization solution called AuraPlayer, they enabled their complex application, developed over many years, to run via a HTML front end without any redevelopment or migration.
After the successful modernization of their application, Jubilee now has a scalable mobile application which has expanded their sales footprint and increased revenue from rural areas and new banking channels. The newly modernized insurance management system now includes 2 user interfaces: the legacy desktop, back-office application and the new mobile version running the same core system, while the Jubilee team only needs to maintain one source of business logic. This provides a flexible, cost effective, real time solution for sales while preserving the robust back-end. The sales teams are using rugged Samsung tablets to process the field sales much more efficiently and can use the tablet’s pen feature to record signatures. In addition, Channel partners connect to the Oracle Forms application directly from their own mobile devices, securely and seamlessly increasing the revenue potential of the existing system.


Jubilee now conducts business transactions much faster and with greater accuracy. The sales reps in the field, sometimes days away from their office, now complete the sales process – from input of customer data, to price quote, to signature – in only 9 minutes, instead of 2-3 days. With AuraPlayer extending the life and capabilities of the legacy application, the company has realized a greater return on its existing investment. This is a premier example of taking back-office data and pulling it forward to the front lines, creating corporate agility, saving resources, and maximizing revenue and profit.

AuraPlayer brings a new level of agility and mobility to back-office systems including Oracle Forms, EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE with low-risk, a flexible and automated solution without redevelopment.

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