Oracle Forms Migration. The Future of Oracle Forms is here.

Get a head start modernizing your Oracle Forms system without having to rewrite any code, while migrating your current system
in parallel. 

AuraPlayer’s Oracle Forms Migration

AuraPlayer gives you the ability to release new applications that meet modern UX/UI standards in an agile way while continuing your migration plans. 

What AuraPlayer’s Oracle Forms Migration Plan Means For You

Eliminate risk and system instability by creating web and mobile apps leveraging existing systems in a fraction of the time it would take to redevelop.

After the initial investment to redevelop the original system, the system is no longer dependant on Oracle Forms licenses.

Systems provide out of the box features to fulfil changing business requirements such as barcodes, image uploads and signature panels.

4 Steps to Your Oracle Forms Migration


Choose a use case from your Oracle System that you want to transform into a next generation application.


Record the business process from your existing applications including inputs and responses.


Create a new modern user interface in hours by using AuraPlayer's automated wizard.


Release new applications while your critical production system remains untouched.

AuraPlayer's Oracle Forms Migration In Action

Watch this video to understand how Oracle Forms Migration can extend business processes beyond existing Oracle Forms to Mobile or Web Pages.

AuraPlayer’s Oracle Forms Migration Benefits:

Ensures Stability

No intrusive production installations, configurations, or major back-end redevelopments.

Fast Time-to-Market

Smoother, more modern development environment with quick results.

Best of Both Worlds

No need to re-engineer the entire application. Simply extend specific business workflows to mobile as needed.

Modular Approach

Modernize specific use cases while continuing to redevelop other parts of the system.

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Success Stories

A major transit authority has transformed their legacy Oracle Forms into a next generation ionic mobile application. 


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