Customer Story:

MTA - Forms Mobile (UTS)

NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority increased employee satisfaction and productivity by adding a mobile application to their team. Employees can now get the time, duration and shift details instantly.


New York City’s MTA is the world’s largest transit system, transporting 2.5 billion people every day via road, rail, air and water. MTA has more than 26,000 employees using desktop-bound Unified Timekeeping System (UTS) in Oracle Forms for employee time management.

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Business Benefits

Extend the life and value of UTS Oracle Forms.

Immediate access to Timecard using Mobile devices.

No need to use Kiosk or computers.


The life cycle of fetching the information is 3-5 sec.

Easy access to multiple concurrent users.


Metropolitan Transit Authority was looking to increase productivity and efficiency by providing their employees real-time access to their Timecards from mobile devices. Originally, in order to access timecards, scheduled assignments, leave balances, vacation hours and other crucial information, employees had to physically go to kiosks or to desktop computers to log on to UTS Timecard Viewer.
The process was cumbersome, since at times employees had to travel specifically to their computers to get relevant information or queue up in front of a kiosk. MTA is always looking for innovative technologies to make their employees’ life easier and the business processes more efficient. In this case, MTA sought to build a mobile interface to their UTS Oracle Forms time management platform to improve the flow of information, reduce errors and increase employee engagement. This would allow the massive population of MTA employees, secure and agile access to their HR information from anywhere at any time.


MTA found an innovative solution to its business needs using a unique, patented technology called Auraplayer that was able to run UTS Oracle Forms system as REST service without redevelopment. The REST API is then utilized by Ionic framework mobile app and provides multi-platform support. The mobile app connects to the AuraPlayer Service Manager, which then connects to UTS Oracle Forms to fetch employee information
The new employee app “MTA Insight” provides employees updated information from UTS on their mobile devices in real-time. It was successfully tested on 40 users from Department of Buses (DOB) & Division of Rapid Transit Operations (RTO) before it was rolled out to employees in the field. The app is available today in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.In the future, more features will be added as business requirement grows.


26,000+ employees now have instant access to Timecard information (including assignments, absences, pick jobs, vacation days) anytime anywhere. MTA increased employee satisfaction and productivity. AuraPlayer ensures the mobile app and back-office application remain perfectly in sync. Now any business information existing in UTS Oracle Forms system can be extended to mobile in a matter of days using the same framework and bring instant agility to the legacy system.

AuraPlayer brings a new level of agility and mobility to back-office systems including Oracle Forms, EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE with low-risk, a flexible and automated solution without redevelopment.

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