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NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority



New York City's MTA is the world's largest transit system, transporting 2.5 billion people every year via road, rail, air, and water. More than 800,000 cars pass through its bridges and tunnels every day

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MTA found a solution to its business needs with a modernization project using a unique, patented solution to run the system as a REST service from a mobilized user interface without the need to redevelop the existing production system. In a matter of days, the solution, called AuraPlayer, transformed the Oracle Forms application to seamlessly connect with Oracle's Mobile Cloud Service (MCS). Using the AuraPlayer solution, allowed MTA to enable the Forms to mobile in days without redevelopment, saving the MTA months of development cost and risk. These AuraPlayer services were “plugged-into” MCS to allow for scalability, monitoring, analytics as well as full offline sync capabilities.
The solution provides MTA the best of both worlds; an offline, robust mobile solution to report accidents in the field, and the ability to leverage their existing on-premise Oracle Forms system. The new system runs on mobile devices and allows trained inspectors to enter information from the field where the incident information is readily available, with the data flowing into the back-office Oracle system. The application supports voice recognition, converts handwriting to text, and captures pictures of the scene via the mobile devices’ camera. Transcription is no longer required and traveling back to the site, after the fact, to capture information that wasn't collected the first time was eliminated. In addition, the mobilized system can work offline, such as deep within tunnels, without disruption.

Business Benefits

Accident reporting causing delays at the crash site

Hand written reports leading to inaccurate data

Accumulated backlog of reports caused overtime costs for data entry

Streamline collision reporting process for safety, traffic and revenue implications


The NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority was looking for a way to improve the efficiency of their collision reporting system. Historically, accidents were recorded on paper forms on location then manually entered in a desktop Oracle Forms system. This process was inefficient, time consuming, and vulnerable to human erro
The procedure was also costly, in lost paper reports and many man-hours in trying to decipher incident reports written under stressful conditions on location. MTA sought a solution that would allow them to record accidents on location, however, finding this solution was challenging due to poor connectivity in tunnels and bridges. In addition, they were not looking to enter into a lengthy, costly and risky redevelopment project of their existing Oracle Forms back-office system


Improved data accuracy & timeliness – reports entered on location

Mobilized legacy system with minimal time & risk

Enriched data gathering – including photos, voice notations

Safer for officers – less time at the scene of the accident, scene cleared in minutes not hours

Increased revenues - resulting from accurate recording of summons

Lowered operational costs – reduced overtime hours for data entry

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The MTA saved millions of dollars by releasing the mobilized version of its existing Oracle Forms application in only a matter of months. In addition to extending the life and usefulness of the legacy application, the new mobilized application collects and reports information much faster and with greater accuracy. The organization has removed reporting backlogs, reduced incident reporting errors, and increased revenues by cutting down on the time it takes to complete the inspection and reporting process. With the AuraPlayer deployment, MTA now has a scalable digital transformation environment to support future IT development projects.

AuraPlayer brings a new level of agility and mobility to back-office systems including Oracle Forms, EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE with low-risk, a flexible and automated solution without redevelopment.

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