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The MTA ChatBot will be able to reduce call center volume, increase employee satisfaction, and gain productivity by using ChatBot technology to extend PeopleSoft applications to employees’ mobile phones. MTA will be able to work more efficiently by shifting HR workflows such as net pay, W2 inquiries, leave balances, and time cards to chat applications running on employee-owned devices.

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Ask the Chatbot:

Vacation days balance

How many vacation days do I have?

What are my remaining sick days?

How many sick hours do I have?

Personal hours balance

How many frozen hours do I have?

What is my Comp balance?

How many floater hours do I have?

Timecard details on hours worked

Show me my time card for this week?

Show me the time card for last week?


As one of the world’s largest transit authorities, NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority was looking to reduce call center volume and connect 40,000 employees of all backgrounds and demographics to the existing HR back office application in PeopleSoft. They wanted an intuitive interface to interact with the workers that would not require extensive technical training to operate. They decided to leverage ChatBot technology so employees could use natural language to interface with the application using AI technology
Currently MTA employees are able to remotely access limited information from the HR system. Many find it hard to locate exactly what they are looking for, so they end up contacting the call center to speak to a live agent. This new ChatBot will revolutionize the way employees can interact with the system. They could now have a personalized HR assistant where they could request vacation and sick days, gain visibility onto their leave balances and even see their work hours all on their mobile phones. In addition, the chat application could answer questions on W2 availability and net pay to reduce call volume of veteran employees needing information from the HR call center. Since the Chatbot can communicate with them in natural language, it will not require training to utilize the application and they can jump right in. This will dramatically increase employee productivity and satisfaction


Using a patented solution called AuraPlayer, MTA was able to extend the PeopleSoft HR application as Microservices without redevelopment of the underlying application. Today employees seamlessly get answers to their basic HR inquiries in an intuitive way no matter where they are, using their voice or IM by simply “conversing” with PeopleSoft. Using natural language logic, it can successfully answer such questions as "vacation days balance", "remaining sick days", "time card for this week" and many others. Now BSC employees can get answers to their requests from any device, in any location, instead of waiting on hold or coming into the office.

Client's Benefits

• Extended value of PeopleSoft.
• Increased ROI by reducing call center overhead.
• Immediate two-way employee communication.
• No redevelopment cost – uses existing infrastructure.
• Improved employee engagement with faster, accurate conversational technology.

About AuraPlayer

AuraPlayer brings a new level of agility and mobility to back office systems including Oracle Forms, EBS, Peoplesoft and JDE with low-risk, flexible, automated solutions without redevelopment. The patented solution allows developers to wrap their existing back office applications as Microservices to plug into any user interface or device, without the need for a cumbersome Java applet or complex infrastructure. Allowing customers to begin their digital transformations while leveraging existing investments.

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