The Solution for Oracle during COVID-19

The Time for a Mobile Back Office is NOW

Forms and E-Business Suite have been with us for decades. In all that time, it seemed that finding a digital solution for mobility was not at the top of the priority list – but then came COVID-19. It seemed like in a single day the whole business world needed an immediate way to access their back-office applications offsite and with mobile access. Just like that mobility became an immediate requirement for many enterprises. For the millions of employees now working from home, reaching the back-end applications is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

In the last two weeks, many customers have been reaching out to ask for a quick fix to solve their current mobile needs, without the need to upgrade or change anything in the back-end environment. Below are just a few examples of how organizations, even under trying, distressing times, are able to deliver innovation and digital transformations. 


Customer Success During COVID-19


1. A major U.S. Transit Authority with thousands of drivers was in desperate need of a COVID-19 solution. Until today, line managers assigned drivers’ shifts via an Oracle Forms application. They managed change requests using an on-premise overtime request form or by drivers calling into a call center. Normally, there were not many changes, however, during this hectic period the call center was on the verge of collapsing as thousands of drivers who could not complete their shifts were calling in sick while others who are looking for overtime compensation were calling to add shifts!  The company wanted to extend the overtime volunteer form, so all drivers would be able to request changes via their mobile phones. Using AuraPlayer’s patented technology, in less than a day a mobile application was created to automate the back-office Oracle Form, serve thousands of drivers and reduce the load on the call center.


2. A major US manufacturing company was challenged to allow people to check-in and out of work while recording the project and tasks that the employees would be working on. Until now, the employees needed to jot down their hours on a scratch pad and then type them into an on-premise Oracle EBS OTL application after the fact. Due to the COVID-19 situation they could no longer afford the lack of productivity and lag time in the recording. Luckily, we were able to extend the Oracle EBS application to allow employees to check in and check out on mobile devices with ease. A responsive web app was generated automatically from the existing systems using the AuraPlayer solution to enable the back-office functionality to be mobile in only a week.


3. A major financial institution wanted to allow end-users to request absences quickly and efficiently now as many employees may need absences due to family responsibilities or being unwell. Using AuraPlayer the bank was able to create an RPA (Bot) to automate the back-end process of leave requests and absences from the Oracle E-Business Suite application in under a day to allow employees to record absences directly from the corporate portal using RPA automation. The process was as simple as recording a macro on the existing Form.


How Can This Work For You?

Do your current COVID-19 business challenges have the following criteria?

1- The scenario is end-user/employee-focused with a set of specific requirements. Your organization is not currently looking to revamp the entire system at this stage.

2- You have a minimal budget for creating a specific app, therefore easy for a quick approval.

3- The solution needs a rapid response in hours to days.

If you answered “yes” to any of the following, then you’re in need of a rapid mobile solution.

Balancing innovation while being risk-averse is always a struggle. Business users need the latest technology, data and processes at their fingertips while CIO’s, responding to the ever-increasing urgent demands for new services, have to wrestle with speed, stability, and reliability.

AuraPlayer modernizes without risk, as no core back-office systems are touched. Access to the relevant application screens is all that is required to quickly mobilize and improve business processes using the latest mobile technology.

As always, we are here to help if your organization has a business need to mobilize quickly and without risk so reach out, we’d be happy to help. Feel free to book a free assessment/discovery call here or contact us at

We wish you all good health, and we hope this crazy time will end soon!

The Solution for Oracle during COVID-19
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The Solution for Oracle during COVID-19

Forms and E-Business Suite have been with us for decades. In all that time, it seemed that finding a digital solution for mobility was not at the top of the priority list – but then came

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