The Oracle Chatbot Technology

Engage with Customers, Vendors and Employees with Ease in their Natural Language.

The Oracle Chatbot Technology

Chat With Your Back-Office Oracle Applications

Talk to Oracle applications like you would with Siri or Alexa. Engage an Intelligent Oracle Assistant  to interface to your existing Oracle EBS Forms in days.

Enable Back-Office To Chat And Voice

Combine skills to create a more natural conversational user interface, through text or speech.

Data Agility

Empower your customers and employees with access to your Oracle back-office data in natural language with an Oracle Chatbot.

Increased ROI - Leverage Existing Systems

Reduce overhead by enabling the Oracle Chatbot without any back-end connectors.

Customer And Employee Efficiency

Simplify and streamline your organizations back-end system as a mobile first conversational application.

AuraPlayer wraps the existing back-office applications as microservices to plug into any Oracle Chatbot. Allowing customers to begin their digital transformations while leveraging existing investments.




“By 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact

 with conversational platforms on a daily basis.” 


– Gartner 

“By 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis.”

Getting Started


Use the Oracle Digital conversation designer to create the chat process flow with ease.


Automatically create Oracle EBS APIs by extending Oracle apps workflows and business processes using AuraPlayer.


Create the Oracle Chatbot skills, including the intents, flows, entities, and language elements.


Plug AuraPlayer services into any third party digital assistant / chatbot.

Let’s Chat

Contact us to discuss enabling your back-office processes to Oracle Digital Assistant.

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Digital Assistant Customer Story

Digital Assistant Customer Story

A major transit authority created an Oracle Chatbot to enable employees to view HR data. Read about their success.

Video - Oracle iExpense ChatBot

Video - Oracle iExpense ChatBot

Modernize your iExpense EBS application to a Digital Assistant, using existing on-premise Oracle EBS.

Get Started with Oracle Digital Assistant

Get Started with Oracle Digital

Learn how using Digital Assistants can improve productivity, increase user adoption and revenue.

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