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Oracle EBS Mobile Solution

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Oracle Robotic Process Automation


Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Rogers Group Inc. is the largest privately-owned aggregates company in the United States. The company provides crushed stone, sand, gravel, and performs highway construction in the southeast United States. Rogers Group Inc. uses Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Time and Labor for employee time management and Oracle Tasks / Oracle Equipment for machinery usage tracking.

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Revenue lost from delays in obtaining field data to identify underperforming or overdrawn projects

No easy cost-effective way to run Oracle EBS modules on mobile devices including offline capabilities and storage

Hand-written reports leading to imprecise data gathering

Difficulty making timely business decisions as field managers had no access to back-office data

Business Need

Rogers Group Inc. was looking to increase productivity and efficiency by providing their foremen real-time, on location access to multiple Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) modules. Originally, crew member hours, units installed, and equipment were recorded on-site using paper forms. These were then submitted to an office clerk who would input information into the back-office EBS system. The data was generated into reports allowing supervisors to track task progress against a project’s estimated budget. Unfortunately, with the lengthy manual process, it could take up to one week before managers could see budgetary discrepancies in their reports.
Overall, this lag in data communication between the materials production facility, the corporate office, and project managers on the jobsite made it hard for Rogers Group to make accurate and timely business decisions. All the while, the work continued, and production requests stacked up causing the projects to further stray off budget. Rogers Group sought to build a mobile interface to their Oracle EBS time and materials platform, to improve the flow of information, reduce errors and increase revenue.


Rogers Group found a solution to its business needs using a unique, patented technology to run the Oracle EBS system as a REST service from Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service (MCS). AuraPlayer enabled the existing system to mobile without redevelopment, saving them months of project cost and risk. Using Oracle’s MCS as their mobile back-end allows Rogers to capture and store images, work offline in remote jobsites, gather app analytics and utilize notifications to alert site managers of weather and other safety warnings. The app with all these features, was delivered in less than three weeks due to the productivity afforded by the joint solution.

Client's Benefits

Data collection and processing time reduced from one week to online

Cost-effective mobile transformation with no redevelopment of the existing system needed

Managers get on-site reports to support business decisions comparing budget vs actual in real-time


Now, when foremen log hours for the crew and equipment, the data entered is immediately synchronized into Oracle E-Business Suite. They can then instantly access reports that compare project results with budget estimations to know how they’re performing that day, week-to-date, and job-to-date on any project. The improved communication between the foremen, employees, materials suppliers and the corporate office, dramatically improved efficiency. The new mobile solution increased road-building scalability, opened many business opportunities and accomplished its primary objective to improve job-site profit margins

AuraPlayer brings a new level of agility and mobility to back-office systems including Oracle Forms, EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE with low-risk, a flexible and automated solution without redevelopment.

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