Customer Story:

Oracle Forms Automated Testing Solution

with Global Retailer

Company Profile

The customer is one of the world’s largest retailer with annual sales exceeding $15 billion and over 135,000 employees at locations on every continent. Warehouse operations, which are a business-critical activity, are managed by a customized Oracle Forms application.

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Business Benefits

Ineffective testing of customized Oracle Forms application

Risk of production environment stability due to insufficient testing


Full automation of Oracle Forms regression testing

Rapid release cycles without risk to production stability

Protection of legacy assets by improving development methods

Oracle Forms Testing Challenge

Agile development methods were implemented at this global retailer for all enterprise applications but one. Warehousing operations, managed by a customized Oracle Forms application running Retek RDM, could not accommodate automated functional and regression testing. Processes that worked in other systems failed against the complexity of the Oracle Forms infrastructure. As a result, teams of Oracle Forms developers were unable to follow agile development best-practices, and untested code put the production system stability at risk. Too much friction, too much time, and too much uncertainty surrounded the Oracle Forms development cycle.
Oracle Automated Testing Solution


AuraTester solved the problem, bringing automation capabilities to Oracle Forms and allowing the small test team to rapidly develop a comprehensive automated test bed in less than 30 days. AuraTester’s test output formats (Java and Web services) easily accommodated the team’s exiting test practices, including the Ruby programming language and the Taza test framework. AuraTester‘s reporting mechanism aids developers with rapid resolutions, allowing the release of fully tested code modifications on time and without destabilizing the production system. Over 100 automated tests are run daily, allowing the full test coverage of the entire enterprise stack.

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Oracle Automated Testing Solution

AuraPlayer brings a new level of agility and mobility to back-office systems including Oracle Forms, EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE with low-risk, a flexible and automated solution without redevelopment.

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