Oracle Forms in the Cloud – Now Available as UCM!

We couldn’t believe it either – the Oracle Forms development team has done it once again! 


Just when you think Oracle Forms has been been pushed aside, relegated to maintenance mode and a legacy application, they come out swinging! 


Once again, the Oracle management team proves that it values Oracle Forms as a key business application and continues to invest in its evolution, with the announcement that Forms is now a FULL member of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). 

Now, you can get Oracle Forms on OCI, giving you the option to pay per use. This provides a huge cost benefit for those who want to move to Forms 12 without paying per server/for additional licences. 

With this new offering, customers will be able to pay per OCPU/hour for the entitlement and support to run Oracle Forms Services (runtime) on OCI.  This Universal Credit Model (UCM) option will provide greater flexibility for using Forms in Oracle Cloud.


Here’s a well-deserved shout-out to Oracle Forms’ Product Manager, Michael Ferrante, who has spent the last decade laser-focused on bringing Forms to its rightful place in the digital age. 


We’re looking forward to delving deep into this exciting news during the first Oracle Forms Virtual Summit that AuraPlayer is hosting with Oracle Forms’ Michael Ferrante at the end of this summer. Learn from top insiders on how you can modernize Oracle Forms into the next generation. If you’d like more information about this exclusive meet-up or would like to sign up to attend, please contact us


Kudos to Michael Ferrante, Phil Kuhn, and the entire Oracle management team for this incredible innovation. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

For more details on Oracle Forms on OCI, visit Oracle’s blog

Oracle Forms in the Cloud – Now Available as UCM!
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Oracle Forms in the Cloud – Now Available as UCM!

We couldn’t believe it either – the Oracle Forms development team has done it once again! Just when you think Oracle Forms has been been pushed aside, relegated to maintenance mode and a legacy application, they

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