Oracle Forms Migration


Achieve the best of both worlds: mobilize today, while continuing your migration plans

Oracle Forms Migration

Boost Your Oracle Apps Migration Plans

Using a tool simple enough for business users, we transform the existing back-office systems, making the mobile/web world immediately available. All business logic, validations, and triggers locked in the current Oracle Forms system are incorporated into the new application, without migration or redevelopment.

Fast Time-to-Market

Modern UI/UX in record in a matter of hours.

Modular Approach

Modernize specific use cases. while continuing to redevelop the system.

Maximize ROI From Existing Systems

Oracle Forms update without breaking the bank.

No Risk

Ensures production system stability during your migration process.

Getting Started With Oracle Forms Migration

AuraPlayer gives you a head start modernizing and enhancing your Oracle Forms system before having to rewrite code. All the while migrating the system in parallel.

Define Process

Choose a use case from your Oracle System to enable for transformation to a next generation app.


Record business process from the existing application including inputs and responses.


Using AuraPlayer's automated wizard, create new modern UIs in hours.


Release new apps that meet modern UI/UX standards while continuing the migration progress.

Start Today

Get quick-win results for your stakeholders, while still moving forward with the migration.

Oracle Apps Migration Solutions

Phased Approach

Start small and grow as you go – no need to redevelop the whole system, rather pick and choose only relevant business flows.

Future Proof System

Getting started with Oracle Forms migration will ensure your mission critical applications can serve you well into the future.

No Risk

AuraPlayer adds a service layer on top of your Forms, leveraging existing business logic without risking production environments.

Maximize ROI

Projects are implemented in record time and therefore require less effort and budgetary spending from your organization.

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Already Migrating? Why Not Mobilize!

Already Migrating? Why Not Mobilize!

Read how going mobile presents many business benefits, such as modern UI, and agile back-office.

Video - Mobilize Oracle Forms & EBS

Video - Mobilize Oracle Forms & EBS

Enjoy a future proof Oracle Forms application, while your production system remains untouched.

Get The Oracle Forms Migration Whitepaper

Get The Oracle Forms Migration Whitepaper

Learn strategies to combat migration challenges, keeping your back-end applications agile.

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