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Amidar is Israel’s National Housing authority with more than 500 employees serving the country’s housing needs to some 70,000 families. The organization is responsible for maintaining the quality of those housing unit assets through routine maintenance and inspections.

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Amidar solved the system’s “back-office” backlog problem by leveraging AuraPlayer’s patented technology to modernize Oracle Forms without redevelopment. The new mobile application allows them to update and receive housing unit data, perform site inspections that include site photography via their tablet’s camera – all from the field! Field representatives can even collect payments all while on site. The new system revolutionized the way Amidar inspectors do their work by putting the housing inspection system at their fingertips, accessible anytime and anywhere.
By leveraging the existing systems business processes, the digital transformation was completed quickly and painlessly in less than 2 months. Amidar introduced a new mobile office to its employees, making their job easier, more productive with richer data, including photos and digital signatures. Employees no longer needed to return to the office to do data entry of information gathered during on-site inspections. Amidar’s housing inspection system now operates from personal tablets through a simple, user-friendly interface.


Amidar enjoyed dramatic gains both in terms of worker performance, accuracy of reports and customer satisfaction. Field reps can now perform their work on-site for faster, more accurate inspections. Tenants receive quick communication and up-to-the-minute reports from the inspections teams. Amidar removed reporting backlogs, reduced reporting errors and increased revenues by cutting down on overtime hours for data entry. The project was so successful they have already begun to digitalize other system such as the worker maintenance system and customer code system.

Business Benefits

Increased ROI by reducing call center overhead

Improved data accuracy & timeliness - reports entered on location with enriched data gathering - including photos & digital signatures

Lowered operational costs - reduced overtime hours for data entry

Improved employee efficiency with faster, more accurate reporting

Improved customer service satisfaction

Extended the value of their Oracle Forms legacy application with minimal time & risk


Amidar’s housing inspection teams examine and repair more than 70,000 housing units annually. Historically, they would collect scheduled tenant information, property requests, visit notes, payment status and other crucial documents using paper forms and clipboards. The agents would gather information, documents, photos and papers signatures on paper and then need to go back into the office to type and upload all data into the legacy Oracle Forms application which was accessible only via a desktop computer. This process was inefficient and prone to human error.
What more, field representatives were consuming far too much time and energy traveling back and forth to branch offices. This paperwork turned out to be quite costly for the company, where 2 days a week they would do inspections in the field and 3 days a week inserting the data gathered. The organization needed a mobile version of that application to speed as their response times and improve housing inspection efficiency. In addition Amidar’s customers were also complaining about the lack of digital options as they needed to call a customer service hotline or go into the branch to get status of payments and create maintenance tickets on their apartments.

Clients Benefits

All customer interactions can be handled in one visit

No need to call the customer service hotline and wait on hold to get updates.

Maintenance calls can be logged on the spot including photos

Clients can receive electronic records of information logged during the house call

AuraPlayer brings a new level of agility and mobility to back-office systems including Oracle Forms, EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE with low-risk, a flexible and automated solution without redevelopment.

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