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Create Applet-Free Applications With Modern Oracle Forms UIs 


 Looks do count! Modernize Oracle Forms Modernization look and feel using our certified Oracle Mobility Solution.
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The Future Of Oracle Forms Modernization

AuraPlayer’s patented solution wraps existing Oracle Forms modernization to create new cutting edge user interfaces. Achieving Oracle Forms to Mobile applications within hours.

Go Mobile

The same existing application on the desktop and on the go.

Reduce Development Time

Do in hours what others take months to develop.

Minimize Risk

Modernize Oracle Forms to mobile without compromising the stability of production.

Minimize Risk

No Oracle Forms migration or redevelopment required.

Decrease Maintenance

Use existing business logic; only need to maintain one code base.

Get Cloud Ready

Plug into Oracle Mobile Cloud with AuraPlayer’s cloud API.

AuraPlayer gives you the ability to focus on your future business needs by bridging the gap between modern web & mobile user interfaces
and your legacy Oracle Forms application.

Getting Started

Create New Mobile and Web User Experiences From Existing Oracle Forms back-office

Define Process

Select a use case from your Oracle Forms system to deploy to mobile/web.


Capture the Oracle Forms process to mobilize and modernize the existing application.


Create new front-ends with ease using AuraPlayer's automated wizard.


Plug AuraPlayer services into any third party rapid mobile development tool.

Start Today

Take the first step on your road to Oracle Forms Modernization.

Why Modernize Oracle Forms With AuraPlayer ?

Phased Approach

Start small and grow as you go – no need to redevelop the whole system, rather pick and choose only relevant business flows.

No Risk

AuraPlayer does not require any production installations. Ensuring system stability  and reliability while modernizing.


No need to redevelop or migrate the existing system, nor to develop new database APIs. Enable the existing system without a lengthy QA process.

Fast time-to-market

Create apps using a wizard-based development tool, making them agile and immediately available for mobile/web.

Learn More

Run Oracle Forms On iPads and Android

Run Oracle Forms On iPads and Android

Learn how to take your existing Oracle Forms to mobile devices without the risk of redevelopment.

Video - Oracle iExpense ChatBot

Video - Oracle Forms Mobilization Demo

See an Oracle Form modernized to a new UI before your very eyes.

Already Migrating? Why Not Mobilize!

The Secret to Risk Free Oracle Mobility

In this whitepaper, learn how you can mobilize critical business applications in record time.

will YOU be your COMPANY'S modernization hero?

It has never been easier than with AuraPlayer