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Oracle Robotic Process Automation

Why choose AuraPlayer for Oracle Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Oracle Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology that employs software “robots” to execute complex business processes. These bots interact directly with the application’s user interface to streamline workloads, prevent human error, reduce labour costs and increase efficiency by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks.

AuraPlayer creates unique Oracle Robotic Process Automation which is designed to perfectly fit Oracle systems as opposed to generic RPA solutions. Having more than 15 years of experience working with Oracle applications, AuraPlayer became profoundly familiar with the logic and triggers within Oracle EBS and Oracle Forms systems, which allowed to create a unique Oracle RPA solution. Today, with AuraPlayer, it is possible to automate any Oracle application with accuracy and speed.

With AuraPlayer's solution for Oracle RPA:

You can record and process Forms business logic and present this data in clean, easily consumable format suited for any RPA environment.

You will avoid pitfalls common to screen-scraping, as the AuraPlayer technology works with the UI components’ back-end.

You are able to eliminate errors from changed field names brought by upgrades, disruption from multiple tabs, EBS-generated pop-ups and error messages, or intermittent performance lags, as the technology relies on EBS logic and code.

Best Practices For Successful Testing And Automation Programs

No Screen Scraping

Automations run on production systems with ease without any additional installations or configurations, ensuring production stability.

Oracle Robotic Process Automation

Robust To Changes

RPA automations are inherently immune to changes in the UI, triggers, code, and procedures of the existing application.  

Maximize ROI

No-Code Solution

Complex applications are automated with ease, using a no-code, intuitive wizard, easy enough for business users to operate, saving valuable time to create automations.

Future Proof System

Worry-Free Upgrades

 Unlike other RPA solutions, AuraPlayer’s automations are not impacted when the Oracle EBS/Forms version is updated.

Autonomous Oracle RPA

RPA bots interact directly with the application's user interface to :

Streamline workloads

Increase data accuracy

Reduce labor costs

Increase efficiency by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks

AuraPlayer automates complex back-office applications with a no-code, intuitive wizard, making it easy for any RPA developer or business user to operate, saving valuable time and money.

Getting Started With Oracle RPA

Automate your back-office business processes with bots to save valuable
time and money by streamlining Oracle workloads.

Define Process

Choose a use case from your Oracle system to automate and enable for RPA.


Record existing business processes including inputs and responses.


Expose bots, APIs
or REST services using AuraPlayer's automated wizard.


Plug in your services or bots into any third party RPA or integration tool.

 It’s Time to Automate your Back-Office Applications. 

Gain Corporate Efficiency.

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Learn how to automate complex back-office applications with a no-code, intuitive wizard.

Best Practices For Successful Testing And Automation Programs

Video - AuraPlayer's RPA In Action

See how we created an RPA use case in under 2 minutes with Oracle EBS Sales Order.

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