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Maximize the Power of Your Oracle Applications with Oracle RPA

Oracle RPA - Robotic Process Automation

AuraRPA is the only RPA tool that extensively focuses on your Oracle Applications. Specializing
in Oracle EBS RPA and Forms, AuraRPA is robust to environment changes and supports the inherit complexity and dynamic nature of the EBS applications out-of-the-box. Bots can be run independently or integrated with other RPA tools allowing for full flexibility.

What AuraPlayer’s Oracle EBS RPA Tool Means For You

Automations run on production systems with ease without any additional installations or configurations, ensuring production stability.

RPA automations are inherently immune to changes in the UI, triggers, code, and procedures of the existing application.

Complex applications are automated with ease, using a no-code, intuitive wizard that is easy enough for business users to operate, saving valuable time to create automations. 

4 Steps to Automating Your Oracle EBS System


Choose a workflow from your Oracle system to automate and enable for RPA.
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Record existing business processes including inputs and responses.
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Expose bots, API's, or REST services using AuraPlayer's automated wizard.
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API Generation


Plug in your services or bots into any third party RPA or integration tool.
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AuraPlayer RPA in Action

Watch this video and discover how AuraPlayer’s RPA tool works. See how we read values from an Excel spreadsheet to create a new Oracle EBS Sales Order. 

Simplify Your Automations with Our RPA Tool

Fully Supports EBS Components

Automate any Oracle EBS or Oracle Forms workflow, without migration or redevelopment.

Seamless Integration and Automation

Presents response data in a variety of outputs (REST, JSON) to easily integrate with any 3rd-party RPA tool.

Robust to Changes

UI changes and upgrades won’t effect existing automations or RPA flows.

Fast Time to Market

With an RPA toolbar created specifically for Oracle EBS, automations are easily created in minutes.

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