Hybrid Cloud: How to Bridge You On-Premise Applications To The Cloud

This presentation will provide Forms and EBS users with an overview of Oracle Cloud, PAAS and Mobile tools and use cases.

Real World Makeovers: Customer Stories on Modernizing EBS Using Oracle Visual Builder Cloud

In this presentation you will learn about customers who modernized their EBS using Oracle Visual Builder Cloud.

What is Oracle RPA and Why Should You Care?

This presentation will outline the major features of RPA and how it could bring your organization to a new more efficient, productive, and modern state.

From Cloud to Conversational

Oracle Forms is not only alive and well, but a full-fledged member of Oracle’s cloud ecosystem. Learn 4 ways that you can extend your existing Forms investments to the cloud.

The New HTML Face of Your Oracle Forms

Learn how to leverage the innovative power of Oracle’s Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) to reface your Forms applications and bring them into the next generation. 

Modernizing User Experience for Oracle EBS – Customer Stories

In this session you will learn about the technology choice, selecting development tools, and implementing connectivity

The Real-World Digital Assistant Case Studies

This session focuses on three real-world digital assistants and how the process to design, develop, and deploy them took place.

Building Your Conference’s Digital Assistant: A Deep Dive into the Kbot

Deep dive into how we developed “Kbot”, Kscope19 official digital assistant, and what were the pieces we needed to make it work.

Next Generation EBS Visualization Using Visual Builder Cloud Service 

Learn how to leverage Oracle’s Visual Builder Cloud Service to reface your applications and bring them into the next generation.

EBS to Mobile: Real World Best Practices

In this session we will review 3 real world customer stories of organizations who enabled their EBS systems to mobile. We will review the dev tools, strategies, security concerns and architecture designs.  

Oracle Mobile Hub Customer Success Stories

In today’s day in age, you need to see it to believe it. And in this session, we showed them what the combination of Oracle Mobile Cloud and AuraPlayer can do! From NYC MTA to Nesher

How Oracle Digital Assistants / ChatBots can revolutionize your Oracle Legacy applications

Learn all about how digital assistants are not just the latest buzzword but can be used to revolutionize your business. Talking to your back-office applications in natural language can open a new world of business opportunities. 

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