RPA, Mobility, and More – Your Playbook for Kscope 2022

It’s time for ODTUG’s Kscope conference, and we are so excited to finally be back in person again! Kscope’s annual event is a yearly highlight for everyone, offering a chance for both Oracle technology users and Oracle experts to come together for over 200 technical sessions, hands-on training, all-day symposiums, and networking opportunities. We really cannot wait!


This year is especially exciting for us because we are proud sponsors of the Emerging Technologies Track at Kscope.  This track focuses on how technology is evolving, (especially post-Covid) and will offer great information and insights about the future of these digital advancements. Check out this track for exciting topics including AI Engineering,  AIOps, Distributed Cloud, Next-Gen Security, IoT, and course Hyperautomation – something near and dear to our hearts!


While Kscope is sure to be filled with so many great sessions and opportunities, we know that can make it hard to know what to attend in order to maxmize your learning experience. That’s why we have created this Kscope 2022 playbook to share our recommended top sessions and events that you won’t want to miss!


Monday June 20

11:00am: Cloud Development With Your Oracle Forms- Believe it or Not – Mia Urman (in San Antonio 2)

Forms is not dead, and is still the backbone of thousands of mission-critical applications worldwide. But where do our tried and true Forms stand while all systems are undergoing a user experience revolution or moving to the cloud? Check out this session to learn 4 ways that you can extend your existing Forms investments to the cloud. Don’t miss this if you’re looking to hear how to bring your Forms into the next generation! Will include demos and Q&A.  


2:15pm: After 15+ years running on EBS, ten development learnings from the first year running on Fusion Apps.- Gustavo Gonzalez (in San Antonio 2)

 Learn about the key considerations and how to get a sustainable long-term IT plan for Oracle SaaS. In this session, you will get the ten most significant changes needed to adapt while transitioning from an on-premise system to a Software as a Service enterprise solution.


4:15pm: APEX and Webservices: The Future Is Now! – Jason Straub (in Texas C)

In this session, Jason will demonstrate the latest web service features in APEX and may also cover the future of web service support in APEX. Hear how the latest releases have been a game changer!


4:15pm: Using Machine Learning to Drive Business- Rich Niemiec (in San Antonio 1)

This session will focus on Machine Learning 101 and on what specific Algorithms are inside Oracle that can be applied to Business Problems. 


Tuesday, June 21

9:00am: Packing Your Bags for a Journey to the Metaverse – Adrian Png (in San Antonio 1)

Can extended reality (XR) be part of our lives beyond video games? This session will examine the current state of metaverse technologies and what we need to know to prepare ourselves for a “whole new world”.


11:45am: Automation (RPA) is the New Black – Mia Urman (in San Antonio 1)

Many companies are turning to Robotic Process Automation to help improve efficiency – but what’s automation all about, and how does a company know when and where to begin? Learn about RPA and how it could bring your organization to a new, more efficient, productive, and modern state. This session will include cases studies and live demos, followed by Q&A!


1:00-2:15pm: Core and Database Lunch and Learn Program 

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Join us for lunch and learn panels featuring various Oracle Ace Directors and Oracle ACE Pros. Don’t miss this opportunity to hang out with so many leaders and experts in the Oracle community. (Our very own Mia Urman will be moderating the Core and Database panel in Texas 4!)


4:00pm: APEX Automations Inside Out – Matt Mulvaney (in Texas 1)

Join this session for a thorough understanding of APEX automations and what’s involved. Learn all about how it works, and hear real use-cases. You’ll walk away with the knowledge of how to use this in your own applications. 


4:00pm:  Who Moved My Cheese? – Where Do I Find The Best Oracle Development Tool? – Peter Koletzke (in San Antonio 2)

Back in the day, the only option was to use Oracle Forms – but now so many options exist. This session provides some guidelines for determining which Oracle development tool is best for your situation among the large crowd. In addition, the session will explain the role played by Oracle’s standards like Redwood in developing modern user interface applications with any tool.


Wednesday, June 22  

9:00am: Developing with JSON in Oracle Database -Josh Spiegel (in San Antonio 6)

After this session with Josh, you’ll have a good understanding of what JSON features are available in Oracle Database and when to use them.


9:00am: Real Life ORDS; REST in Pieces – Roel Hartman (in Texas 1)

Learn all about how ORDS plays an important role in the APEX architecture, and how it opens up the possibilities of using all kinds of RESTful services and features to enhance your application with data that comes from or is sent to other sources.


11:45 am-1:15 pm:  Women in Technnology Panel (in Fortworth 5-7 Meeting Room)

Join this exciting and important discussion about women in technology. Topics will include leadership styles, negotiation and pay, work-life balance post-Covid, elevating women in the workplace, and more! 


3:30pm: APEX for DBAs: What Every DBA Must Know- Charles Kim

Everything you’ve wanted to know but were to afraid to ask! Don’t miss this important and useful session from Charles, an Oracle ACE director who has written 9 books (so far!). 


3:30pm: Building on Oracle Excellence – #PaaS4SaaS Extensions on an Industrial Scale Using APEX – Debra Lilley (in San Antonio 2)

If you have a business need to extend Oracle Fusion applications, how do you approach it? With the SaaS moving forward every three months, how have these extensions held up and what have they learned? This session offers lessons that you can use to help with your planning of extensions.


Thursday, June 23

9:00am: Just Add Water: Building a Data Lakehouse – Stewart Bryson (in San Antonio 3)

Join three seasoned industry leaders on a journey to the data lakehouse. They will describe key patterns that define a lakehouse and the value it delivers over prior attempts at data tranquility. Finally, experience the strengths and weaknesses of three separate lakehouse demonstrations: one using the Oracle Cloud, and two others built with competitor solutions.


9:00am: Visual Builder – Building JavaScript/HTML Apps Faster- Vivek Kumar (in San Antonio 6)

Check out this cool hands-on training lab! In this lab you’ll learn how to leverage the visual development experience of Oracle Visual Builder to accelerate application development. You’ll create a complete app developing both the frontend and backend of the app, with Oracle’s JavaScript/HTML/REST based dev tool. (Before the session, get set up here: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/app-builder-cloud/visual-builder-oci-admin/create-and-set-your-visual-builder-generation-2-instance.html#GUID-E8C04103-B20C-437D-BE00-C99EDC45A8FD)


10:45am: Oracle Digital Assistant: No slides, Just code! -Ruben Rodriguez (in Dallas 6)

This session you will teach you the most important parts to be aware of within Oracle Digital Assistant, how to implement skills, how to integrate with any external system using its own node.js container and how to expose them via different channels. Ruben will also demonstrate how to create a weather chatbot integrated with a free weather API.


We hope you can make it to some these great sessions above – you won’t be disappointed! And we would really love to meet up with you while on site, so be sure to connect with us on the Kscope app!


We can’t wait to see you there.


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RPA, Mobility, and More – Your Playbook for Kscope 2022
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RPA, Mobility, and More – Your Playbook for Kscope 2022

It’s time for ODTUG’s Kscope conference, and we are so excited to finally be back in person again! Kscope’s annual event is a yearly highlight for everyone, offering a chance for both Oracle technology users and

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