RPA: When To Use It

RPA. It’s the latest automation concept that is creating a major buzz and revolutionizing the way organizations work. So what indications point towards the need for automating your business processes? Organizations are quickly realizing the power of automation and its ability to deliver long-term success. The key is to recognize your organization needs so that you can efficiently optimize and manage process expectations. When choosing to execute a digital transformation it is important to evaluate the reasons as to why your company needs it and when to deploy it.

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You have employees being bogged down by tedious or time consuming, repetitive tasks The goal of RPA is to replace tasks that are otherwise considered menial or mundane, so that employees can engage in higher-level and complex work that bots are incapable of completing.

You have processes that need maximum uptime and productivity  Robots never take a day off. They don’t need breaks or vacations. They are 100% reliable because they work 24/7 around the clock. More so, processes can be done outside of normal work hours.

You are eager to eliminate common human errors While robots are programmed to function as close to a human as possible, their actions are flawless with zero errors and they are programmed to ensure accuracy.

Need quicker testing and data validation If you find that testing and validations are holding you back from advancing on other development fronts or projects, RPA can help you accelerate the QA process.

If your employees are spending too much time on manual tasks Do you have slews of data entry that are being manually entered? Delegate data focused tasks to your chosen RPA tool.

If you are looking for methods to reduce costs When you rely on bots to complete tasks, work is more accurate, timely and consistent, ensuring that time and money isn’t lost.

Still Not Sure If You Are Ready To Embark On Your RPA Journey?

Here are some examples of how top companies have utilized Robotic Process Automations to help their organizations.


  • By using AuraPlayer’s RPA, Worthington Industries was able to optimize their Oracle EBS supply chain. As a result, Worthington was able to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Haaretz, Israel’s longest running newspaper currently in print, deployed RPA in order to streamline their call center business processes. With AuraPlayer, Haaretz was able to eliminate manual data entry, improve the purchase experience for new subscribers, and was able to increase sales. Read our customer story here.
  • A major Telecom group, used to waste countless hours running two parallel systems to accomplish a single task. With AuraPlayer’s RPA they were able to integrate these systems seamlessly without any redevelopment and with minimal investment.

In conclusion, one thing is clear: RPA is transforming the nature of work, and affecting all industries in a remarkable way. No matter what industry you work in, the implementation of robotic process automation has proven that it provides huge benefits to any company. If you are currently using Oracle Forms or Oracle EBS, using AuraPlayer’s RPA product can help you achieve the results you have been looking for – and much more. AuraPlayer’s RPA tool extensively focuses on your Oracle Applications; It is robust to environment changes and supports the inherent complexity and dynamic nature of the EBS applications out-of-the-box. Moreover, bots can be run independently or integrated with other RPA tools allowing for full flexibility. With the reassurance that complex applications are automated with ease (by using a no-code intuitive wizard), and are created in a matter of minutes, you are guaranteed to save valuable time and money. 

The new digital workforce is making its case, and companies worldwide are eagerly adopting this new technology. Will you be next? Join the digital transformation journey that others are thrilled with, and you won’t look back.

If you are ready to get started, here are some resources you may find helpful:

  1. RPA Whitepaper 
  2. Watch a video demo 
  3. Request an AuraPlayer demo
  4. Kickstart Your Free Trial

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AuraPlayer is a unique, patented technology that automatically generates mobile applications and automations from existing back-office desktop applications, allowing customers to begin their digital transformations while leveraging existing investments. AuraPlayer eliminates the need for system integrators or rigid packaged solutions. The technology brings a new level of agility to legacy systems, with their low-risk, flexible, affordable and automated solutions without redevelopment.

RPA: When To Use It
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RPA: When To Use It

RPA. It’s the latest automation concept that is creating a major buzz and revolutionizing the way organizations work. So what indications point towards the need for automating your business processes? Organizations are quickly realizing the power

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