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Talk to Oracle Applications like you would with Siri or Alexa. Get an intelligent Digital Assistant interface to your system in days without risky redevelopment or migration projects.

Digital assistants can optimize the functionality, improve efficiencies and transform applications while providing the user-experience expected by customers and employees today.  Using chatbots, your customers and employees can access your Oracle back-office data rapidly in natural language. AuraPlayer interacts directly with any Oracle Forms and EBS application, to give easy and efficient access to its data to your users.

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Customer Case Studies

Oracle EBs and Forms Modernization and Automation

One of the world’s largest transit authorities was looking to reduce call center volume and connect 40,000 employees to the existing HR back office application in PeopleSoft. They decided to leverage ChatBot technology so employees could use natural language to interface with the application using AI technology.

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Oracle EBs and Forms Modernization and Automation
Oracle EBs and Forms Modernization and Automation

The UTS Bot allows to access HR workflows from Oracle Forms. MTA  wanted an intuitive interface to interact with the workers that will not require extensive technical training to operate. By simply chatting with the Bot application, employees can get time, duration and shift details instantly. And what more, they can even get a map with directions or a trip advisor with the exact route to the shift by public transport.

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Oracle EBs and Forms Modernization and Automation

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Oracle EBS Sales Order Digital Assistant

Is your Oracle EBS Sales Order keeping up? Arm your sales team with a digital assistant to check inventory, availability, pricing and create online orders from the field.

Oracle Digital Assistant White Paper

Oracle Digital Assistants are transforming the user experience for massive opportunity. Learn how AuraPlayer extends Oracle applications as Digital Assistants or mobile applications, without having to touch a single line of code.

Oracle iExpense Digital Assistant

Simplify your organization's expense reporting to a digital assistant! Your digital assistant will help you fill in your expense reports anywhere, anytime while directly linking back to the original system.

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