Robotic Process Automation

Automate Oracle Workflows Using RPA

No More Repetitive, Manual Tasks.

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Why RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ?

Automate your back-office business processes with bots to save valuable time and money by streamlining Oracle workloads.

How AuraPlayer RPA Works

  1 –  Low-Code Solution – Complex applications are transformed with ease using a low-code, intuitive wizard, easy enough for business users to operate, saving valuable time to create automations.

  2 – Robust to Changes – Automations are inherently robust and immune to changes in the UI, triggers, code, and procedures of the existing application.

  3 – Agentless – Installation is agentless, i.e.: no client-side required. After creating the BOT,  we can perform automation on production systems without any additional installations or configurations, safeguarding production stability during RPA.

  4 – Seamless Upgrades – AuraPlayer is immune to patching or version upgrades. Unlike other RPA solutions, AuraPlayer’s operation is not impacted when the EBS/Forms version is updated.


Transform to an Automatic, Digital, Data-driven Organization


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Increase your organizations' efficiency with an easy-to-use and cost-effective RPA solution.

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See how to we created an RPA in under 2 minutes with Oracle EBS Sales Order.

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Learn how to automate complex back-office applications with a no-code, intuitive wizard.

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