Haaretz Newspaper Increases Sales With AuraPlayer’s Robotic Process Automation Tool

Haaretz drastically improves their call center processes by implementing AuraPlayer's RPA product and accomplishes significant gains in sales.

Worthington Industries Optimizes Oracle EBS Supply Chain Using RPA

Worthington received immediate business value from successfully automating Oracle EBS to their existing RPA deployment with AuraPlayer.

Worthington Industries Streamlines Their Shipping Process By Mobilizing Oracle EBS

Worthington enjoyed gains both in terms of worker performance and the accuracy of shipping reports.

Transit Authority Mobilizes PeopleSoft HR In Weeks

NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority's personalized PeopleSoft HR digital assistant enables employees to request vacation and sick days, gain visibility onto their leave balances and even see their work hours all on their mobile phones.

Housing Authority Improves Job-Site Efficiency

Amidar's Oracle Forms mobile application allows them to update and receive housing unit data, collect payments, perform site inspections that include site photography via their tablet’s camera – all from the field.

MTA Significantly Improves Its Efficiency By Mobilizing Oracle Forms

NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority reduced call center volume by adding a digital assistant to their team. Employees can now get the time, duration and shift details instantly.

Nuclear Power Station Improves Field Technicians’ Productivity

Learn how one of the largest US nuclear power stations has boosted productivity by providing field technicians conducting inspections with real-time Oracle Forms information on mobile devices.

NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority Extends Oracle Forms To The Field

New York’s MTA allows field officers who are familiar with the scene of an accident to enter the data directly into the Oracle Forms system, eliminating error-prone data entry by back-office staff.

Global Retailer Significantly Improved Its Efficiency By Mobilizing Oracle EBS

Major retailer mobilized the hard copy inventory, granting immediate access to employees from the warehouse floor. Inventory counting is now measured in hours instead of weeks.

MTA Accelerates Efficiency With Digital Assistant

NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority no longer relies on a call center to provide time, duration and shift details. It's now accessible through their employees' mobile phones, making the workflow simpler and more enjoyable!

Construction Company Improves Job-Site Profit Margins

Rogers Group uses Oracle EBS to manage complex construction projects. Going mobile allowed site workers to update live data via a mobile tablets and provided management with accurate and timely reporting.

Global Retailer Reduces Risk With Oracle Forms Test Automation

By automating the testing of a business-critical warehouse system, run by Retek Distribution Management (RDM), AuraTester ensures stability and accelerates DevOps cycles.

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