Top 10 Development Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

top10With almost 40 ADF/Forms/Cloud sessions to attend at this years Oracle OpenWorld It can be a mission just deciding which ones to attend.  So since life is full of too many decisions as it is (just to order a cup of coffee today I had to make about six different  decisions), we decided to help out and share our picks for top ten sessions to attend. We hope that by making this list we’ve removed some of the stress so you can save energy for making more important choices, like tall, light, dark, decaf, etc.

In any case, anytime the sessions get to be too much for you come visit us at the OraPlayer booth , #3347 in the Mobile Enterprise Solutions Pavilion and check out the Leap Motion gesture support for we are using to demo Oracle Forms on ADF mobile simulation demos. Best of all, everyone who stops by the booth can enter to win one of the 3 Leap Motion consoles that we are raffling off!

Now, obviously the very best session is mine along with Grant Ronald and Michael Ferrante The Future of Oracle Forms Applications and Developers (Register Now to secure your place) but  there are some other great looking sessions and the list I made here is just an aid to help with picking some standouts.

1. Best BEST PRACTICES Session – It was a 3 way tie – Best/Worst Practices sessions from this group of experts is basically the holy grail of how to do it (or not to do it)  in ADF

Best Practices for Building Real World Enterprise Mobile Apps with Oracle ADF Mobile
Srinivas Indla, Oracle
Dave Kamholz, Oracle
Denis Tyrell, Oracle

Worst Practices for Developing an Oracle ADF Application
Wilfred van der Deijl, The Future Group
Paco van der Linden, AMIS Services BV

Top 10 Secrets of Successful Oracle Application Development Framework Projects
Sten Vesterli, Scott/Tiger/A/S

2.  Must-attend sessions presented by VP’s at Oracle –  In general I usually enjoy general sessions. I always like hearing from people who are in a position to shape the vision and make the decisions for Oracle development going forward. And since Chris Tonas used to be an Oracle Forms guy he took the title.

General Sessions: Emerging Trends in Application Development – The Oracle Perspective
Chris Tonas, Oracle

 This session is about Mobile development and what Oracle’s strategy will be going forward. I am interested to hear what Bill and Joe have to say about future directions. And I’m sure they will feature a killer ADF Mobile demo ☺

 Developing On-Device Mobile Applications with Oracle Technology: Today and Tomorrow

William Pataky, Oracle
Joseph Huang, Oracle

3.  “Real-World” session to attend – We all make mistakes and  we all love to see where others have succeeded and failed. And best of all its sure to be a session without sales pitches.

Oracle ADF and Oracle ADF Mobile: Lessons Learned in Real-World Implementations
Simon Canil, Colab
Ralf Ernst, IT-Systemhaus der BA
Frederik Ronn, TIA Technology
Dana Singleterry, Oracle

4. Best all-in-one session – Seeing this group of ACES and Directors develop a full end-to-end fusion middleware application in an hour is like watching one of Houdini’s finer escape acts.

An Oracle ACE Production: Oracle Fusion Middleware Live Development Demo
Lonneke Dikmans, Vennster B.V, Simon Haslam, Veriton Limited, Lucas Jellema, AMIS
Ronald van Luttikhuizen, Vennster User Experience B.V.

5. Most surprising yet useful session – I guess this session is a surprising choice for the top ten list. It isn’t as flashy as the rest, but I feel it addressees a major challenge in ADF development projects today. With ADF it is so easy to run through the wizards and start building an application that no one ever plans the team/methodology aspects of the project. This inevitably leads to challenges every mis-managed project faces. So go hear from Lynn on how to start off on the right foot.

Ready, Set, Go: Setting Up Your Team for Oracle ADF Development
Lynn Munsinger Brown, Oracle

6. Smoothest operator demo – Shay’s a magician when it comes to demos. He is the no slides wizard. The only problem is his sessions should come with a disclaimed that watching the live demo looks so easy it may not go that smooth when you try it at home.

Oracle ADF: The No-Slides Overview
Shay Shmeltzer, Oracle

7. Best in show – Although we were passed up for the award this year 🙂 It will be cool to see real world systems that have all been recognized as innovators. It always fun to see cutting edge projects that are being done with the Oracle technology stack.

Oracle Fusion Middleware: Meet This Year’s Most Impressive Innovators
Amit Zavery, Oracle
Howard Beader, Oracle
Neela Chaudhari, Oracle

8. Next Gen for newbies sessionCloud computing is the next generation of development environments so I think it is safe to say, you should check it out if you haven’t already.

Oracle Developer Cloud Service: An Introduction
Brain Fry, Oracle
Srikanth Sallaka, Oracle
Dana Singleterry, Oracle

9. Where all Oracle Forms developers should start session – Practice makes perfect and Frank has been at this FOREVER (even longer than me). Also, I always like to attend at least one session of ADF for beginners to meet people from the Oracle Forms community and Frank is an entertaining and funny presenter.

Oracle ADF Programming Best Practices for Beginners
Frank Nimphius, Oracle

10. Best session for A+ students who are ready to go at 8:00am on Sunday

I love the concept of this sessionI Showing how an Oracle Forms system has evolved and grown with an  organization weathering all technological changes in the process for the past 20 years. In the next 20 years we hope to see these same systems being deployed to mobile devices using OraPlayer.

A 20-Year Journey: Oracle Forms 3.0 to Oracle Forms 11g [UGF1864]
Ralf Kölling – Senior Consultant, Logica, now part of CGI

And one more for good luck…

11. Saved the best for Last sessionGrant and Lynn have wrote the book (literally) on ADF adoption and the “ABC’s” of ADF. This is where to go if your looking to start with ADF but don’t know how or where to begin.

 How to Learn Oracle ADF [BOF2207]
Grant Ronald – Director of Product Management, Oracle
Lynn Munsinger Brown – Senior Group Product Manager, Oracle


Well I hope this list helps you find your way around the maze of development sessions at this year’s Oracle Open World. If you are going to join us please let us know by responding to the poll found here: OTN Community Poll.

 See you all soon!

Top 10 Development Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2013
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Top 10 Development Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

With almost 40 ADF/Forms/Cloud sessions to attend at this years Oracle OpenWorld It can be a mission just deciding which ones to attend.  So since life is full of too many decisions as it is (just to order

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