What’s New in 2021 and Future Roadmap

Over the last several years, AuraPlayer has worked to create a specialized and user-friendly toolkit to allow Oracle Forms and EBS users to advance in their modernization strategies and bring their applications to the next level.


In 2021, AuraPlayer introduced many new and updated features to modernize, automate, mobilize and test Oracle applications.

Review of 2021 Enhancements 

1. AuraPlayer Services

•  AuraPlayer supports all versions of Oracle EBS, including 12.2.9

• AuraPlayer supports all versions of Oracle Forms, including 12c

• AuraPlayer has a new web UI that presents statistics of all services execution, including success/failure. You can filter all calls by service, time, and users. This new web UI helps to track how your users are using your applications and services, as well as informs you of any troubleshooting issues that may arise.

Some examples:


•  Troubleshooting features – The statistics web UI (mentioned above) helps to identify failures in specific service execution.

•  Ability to reach the service call request and response.


Some examples:

2. AuraRPA (Robotic Process Automation)

AuraRPA is a new tool in AuraPlayer’s tools family. Using AuraRPA, you can automate any business flow that resides in Oracle EBS and Oracle Forms. AuraRPA gives you the following capabilities:

• First, you record a business flow and create a REST/Web service.

Second, use the Flowchart to create a process to be run by a bot. The Flowchart is a process builder tool based on UI definitions, and drag & drop, without coding.


Using the Flowchart you can:

•  Combine several business flows together to create a compound business flow

•  Pass parameters from/to any flow.

•  Call any service whether it is internal or external to AuraPlayer.

•  Add input for external sources such as text files, excel, DB, etc

•  The flowchart has control commands such as “if” and “loop” to fit it to your exact needs.

•  Send emails within the flowchart

•  Any much more…

Any RPA process can be executed in several ways:

• Manually – by the user

• Scheduled – according to date and time, once or recurring.

Upon a certain event – for example, incoming email. 

3. Mobile Applications Templates

AuraPlayer now has mobile template applications for the most common EBS use cases. These template applications can be adjusted, customized, and configured according to your existing EBS customizations and personalizations.

• Oracle iExpense

• Oracle Leave & Absence

• Oracle HR Payslip

• Oracle Inventory

• Oracle Time and Labor

• Oracle Worklist Approvals

• Oracle Cycle Count

• Oracle Subinventory Transfer

4. Visualizer (Mobile Development Tool)

• The visualizer now supports configuration, validation, and formatting for mobile and web apps input fields.

• Improved performance for mobile applications.

5. AuraTester (Oracle Automated Testing)

• A new summary report for Test Group execution. Each Test Group execution gives you summary pie charts and a success/fail report per test case with error messages.

• Any RPA flow can be used as a Test Case in AuraTester.

6. Additional Enhancements 

Ability to view server logs that include all activities, events, requests, and responses separately for each service. This is in addition to the service request and response details that have already been mentioned. Thus, in such a case you can understand exactly what your request was doing, how much time it was executed, and if there was an issue.

 Ability to view the full route of activities the server performed before it reached a specific issue in a specific service. This will help debug situations and identify not only where issues occurred, but also what events led to them. In such a case, the logs for that particular service call are not sufficient, and the investigation must start further back.

Environment Variables – When working with different environments you may have situations where you need different settings for each environment. For example, you may have two different DBs for Test and for Production. Therefore, you may need to set different DB addresses and credentials to the DB in each environment. To handle such cases, AuraPlayer introduces environment variables that may be different for each environment. While System Properties are copied as-is and are configured once for all environments, Environment Variables are environment-specific, and won’t be copied when migrating from one environment to another.

Web Service for Microsoft SQL Server statements – In addition to Oracle DB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, now you can create REST/Web service out of any Microsoft SQL Server statement

AuraPlayer supports APEX – both tools can be integrated together. If you have a pre-built APEX application that lacks functionality, you can call AuraPlayer services seamlessly from APEX.

 HTML recorded scripts can be uploaded directly from the HTML recorder toolbar to the Service Manager. 

AuraPlayer –  Roadmap for 2022

AuraPlayer is committed to helping Oracle Forms and EBS users reach their modernization goals smoothly and successfully. Our team is always evaluating current processes and determining next steps towards improvement and advancement. 

Disclaimer: The features described below in this document are under consideration by AuraPlayer. They are written here for informational purposes only, and not as a commitment for future products, technology, or services. The roadmap is subject to change, and AuraPlayer does not guarantee the features or release dates.

7. AuraRPA (Robotic Process Automation)

• A new user portal will be introduced. You will be able to view and execute your RPA bots manually.

• Attended execution

• Any bot will be run as a mobile application with an automated UI to enter all parameters that are needed by the bot.

• You will be able to interact with the bot during its execution and add input according to the bot’s needs.

• Saved execution history- allowing you to see results from previous executions.

• Improved user management

• Introduction of improved user permission per RPA user

• Integration with Active Directory

• Additional RPA bot triggers

• Hot folder

• DB updates

• Seamless integration with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

• Chatbots integrations

Seamless integration with the leading RPA vendors:

• UiPath

• Automation Anywhere

• Blue Prism

OCR – AuraPlayer plans to integrate with ABBYY – the leading OCR tool. Using this integration you will be able to receive PDF files, analyze them, and use their content with your automation flow.

8. AuraPlayer Services

•  Improved user management for handling user permission on a service level

•  Source/version control support for all AuraPlayer objects

•  Adding labels and group for services – to easily filter the relevant services

9. AuraTester

• Ability to add additional information to the summary report.

• Ability to save the summary report as a CSV file in order to receive tests’ executions, input, output, and results in a convenient and easy format.

What’s New in 2021 and Future Roadmap
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What’s New in 2021 and Future Roadmap

Over the last several years, AuraPlayer has worked to create a specialized and user-friendly toolkit to allow Oracle Forms and EBS users to advance in their modernization strategies and bring their applications to the next level.

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