Worthington Industries Optimizes Oracle EBS Supply Chain Using RPA

Learn how AuraPlayer helped Worthington achieve their goals. 

Industry: Manufacturing

AuraPlayer Product: RPA

Oracle System: Oracle EBS

About Worthington:

Worthington Industries is a leading industrial manufacturing company delivering solutions to customers in the transportation, construction, industrial, agriculture, retail, and energy industries. Worthington is North America’s premier value-added steel processor and producer of laser-welded products; and a leading global supplier of pressure cylinders and accessories for applications. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Worthington operates 51 facilities in 15 states and six countries, sells into over 90 countries, and employs approximately 7,500 people. 

Business Need

Worthington began their automation journey to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks. After thorough research, a top tier RPA solution was chosen. Worthington was able to implement automations successfully for many types of applications. However, when it came to creating an Oracle EBS automation process, Worthington faced many EBS application specific challenges. Although, major RPA solutions support Oracle EBS, they do not account for the many complexities of this enterprise solution. 

“We estimate AuraPlayer saves us 100 hours per new process development. The accuracy and speed of AuraPlayer dramatically extend the business value of our RPA solution.”


Sudhakar Pochiraju, Manager of Application Development EBS, Worthington Industries

Issues Worthington Faced When Using 3rd-Party RPA Tools

UI Changes

Changes in the Oracle EBS system
cause failures in the automation, as
most RPA solutions rely solely on screen scraping to run the automations

Dynamic Fields & Customization

The dynamic nature of Oracle EBS often ends up resulting in the automation using the wrong fields in the playback potentially causing major system errors. 

Performance Issues

To do the automations, traditional
solutions must open a Java
client leading to performance
issues and at times locked users


Any upgrade to Oracle EBS requires an update of all automation processes as they immediately stop working.

Oracle RPA - Robotic Process Automation


Worthington partnered with AuraPlayer, to create Oracle mobile applications that digitally transformed their warehouse ship confirmation process. Having seen AuraPlayer’s ability to automate Oracle EBS with ease, Worthington was able to further expand their partnership and leverage AuraPlayer as their Oracle focused RPA solution.

Client Benefits  

Robust automation of any Oracle Forms and EBS

Eliminated 200 hours of
   development time 

Enhanced value from
  existing RPA investments


Key Advantages

Full Oracle Compatibility

Fully supports Oracle customizations and personalizations, and therefore, you can automate any custom Oracle EBS or Oracle
Forms workflow.

Immune To UI Changes and Upgrades

AuraPlayer relies on EBS logic and code rather than screen scraping, which means your automation will remain stable even if you
change the user-interface or install one of
the many EBS patches.

Seamless Integration

Response data comes in various outputs (REST, JSON, Swagger) which was easily integrated with a major 3rd-party RPA tool (UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, etc.).

Automation Stability

AuraRPA runs an EBS session on the server-side only, rather than opening a Java client. Therefore, you can run unlimited automations without worrying about locked rows that lead to automation failures.

Results: Worthington’s Success

Receipt Audits

Every time a new receipt is
created it must also be validated,
and the client usually generates
more than 50 receipts per day.
The new RPA solution automatically checks the receipt against a
database of known receipts,
thus eliminating dozens of hours
spent in manual validation.

Sales Order Creation

Worthington can now
automatically log sales
orders into the back-office
system, speeding up data
entry and reducing
communication breakdowns. 

Item Creation

The new solution accurately
and automatically creates and
validates more than 300 new
items every month, thus saving Worthington more than 15
minutes of data entry per item
and over 75 hours of data
entry per month.


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